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Prof Mitko Dimitrov and prof Thien Dinh Tran signed MoU between Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Economic Research Institute and Vietnam Institute of Economics.

The meetings as follow was conducted:

1. Meeting with Economic Research Institute officials

2. Meeting with Bulgarian Industrial Capital Association (BICA) officials

3. Meeting with Madzhide Ahmedova – Deputy Executive Director of InvestBulgaria Agency at Ministry of Economy (ME)

4. Meeting with Nikola Stoyanov – Deputy Executive Director of Bulgarian Small and Medium Enterprises Promotion Agency (BSMEPA)

5. Meeting with Bulgarian Industrial Association officials.

6. Meeting with Vassil Todorov – Chief Secretary of Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI)



The first project of Economic Research Institute at BAS Resource Center for Asian Economic Studies on the Knowledge Sharing Program of the Korean government has started. The program is running for a second year in Bulgaria. The Knowledge Sharing Program (KSP) is a demand-driven and policy-oriented consultation program, designed to share Korea’s socio-economic development experience with partner countries by integrating research, consultation and capacity building in consideration of the needs, demands and circumstances of its partner countries.

Three projects are approved from Bulgaria. One of them is ERI’s project “Improving the management of state enterprises on the example of the Korean experience”. Korea, as one of the member countries of the OECD, has a rich experience in applying the OECD Directions for good management of state enterprises, in studying and monitoring the state enterprises and turning them into a powerful factor for economic development.

The first mission of the partner organization – Korean Institute for Development, one of the leading research institutions in Asia – has already happened. There were consultations with Ministry of Economy and Ministry of Finance. An analytical report and recommendations for improving the management of the state enterprises will be prepared. They will be presented at a conference early next year.

The project term is 2 years.